4 marketing emails and newsletters I click (and why)

What marketing email and newsletters do I click and why?

This is the question has driven my thinking lately. After all, it stands to reason that keeping an eye towards my own online behavior can offer valuable insights when it comes to crafting content for clients.

So, after scrolling through my inbox and email archive, I’ve come up with the following list of outstanding email marketers:

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1. One Kings Lane

OKC emails are a well balanced mix of retargeted content (stuff I’ve already looked at and/or favorited) as well as new inspiration and seasonally interesting projects.

I click because I’m hopeful I’ll find the perfect object or piece of furniture to complete my bedroom project.

The only downside to these emails is that they’re a bit too long (with over 16+ boxes of content to look over). I usually only click through the first few boxes that catch my fancy before I lose interest.

2. Skillshare

A little less targeted, but full of interesting tidbits, Skillshare emails are always a great source of FREE inspiration.

I click when I’m inspired to learn something new.

3. Audible

Most prolific readers suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out). They’re always on the lookout for the next great novel/YA Series/Sci-fi Thriller, etc. I am no exception to this rule. I’m forever after that elusive “perfect read.”

I click due to FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Audible knows this and has mastered the art of carrot-dangling. Audible’s marketing emails get bonus points for being short and expertly targeted, “Something in your wishlist is on sale for $3.95!”

4. Churchmouse Yarns & Tea

Most of you (unless you’re an avid knitter) have surely never heard of Churchmouse Yarns & Tea, but I can assure you’re they’re a one-of-a-kind, extremely gorgeous boutique yarn store. Everything Churchmouse writes and creates is painstakingly crafted and lovingly curated.

I click because they’re the best in their niche. 

I’ve come to expect quality content from Churchmouse. The copywriting is excellent, the products and projects they choose to feature are always interesting, and I know I’ll find something timely and exciting if I click.

Now it’s your turn! What marketing emails and newsletters do you look forward to receiving? Why do you click?

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