The Perfect Headline Is Six Words Long

Welcome to Social Brew a somewhat regular, curated post full of links you can check out while having your morning coffee. I’ll share links about social media, content marketing, writing, and other posts that are interesting, relevant, newsworthy, helpful or just plain cool.

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This Week’s Inspiration: 

Say ‘yes’ to what matters and let the rest go (inspired by this post from Zen Habits).

 Links I Loved:
  • I also happen to be perfect, so all my headlines are naturally amazing (sarcasm!!). But, for the rest of you mere mortals, Neil Patel has researched and developed a formula for the perfect headline (hint: It’s just six words long).
News You Might Have Missed Because You Were Too Busy Doing Real Work:
  • New studies find that 80% of Twitter’s active users are on mobile, and 77% are outside of the U.S.
  • Shut up & take my money!! This alternative tea kettle is eco-friendly AND it boosts your hipster points by like a bazillian.

Also, I participated in NaNoWriMo last month and actually finished! Here are 7 surprising things I learned while participating in the madness.


Lastly, have you tried Google’s new inbox? What do you think? Is it just me or is it sort of hard to figure out?

– Shelli

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