Throwback Thursday: #MariachiMyTweet The Best Twitter Video Campaign Ever?

Almost a year ago today, The Book of Life movie put together an amazing twitter campaign. In short, they made people’s tweets into music…..

….not just any music, either.

You see, The Book of Life is set and steeped in Mexican culture, so they turned peoples tweets into Mariachi music, which also played a prominent role in the film too.

Such a cool, simple idea.

All fans had to do was suggest a tweet using the hashtag  and they were transformed into music!

Working smart AND hard.

The movie used excellent tactics to give their tweets extra lift. They got their celebrity stars and director to join the fun and spread the word:

…and they pulled other celebs and movies into the fun!

They also capitalized on trending tags, popular songs, holidays and current events:

Watching this Twitter campaign last year was too fun.

I was completely distracted from work (always the hallmark of a successful campaign). I remember smiling as I combed through the clever, fun, and just plain silly tweets. I was utterly impressed by the excellent engagement and the tremendous amount of effort this campaign must have taken.

Best idea ever? I have to say I agree.

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