Headline Challenge: 50 Blog Post Headlines

Carol Tice from Copyblogger wrote this great post 50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics and in it she suggests taking the Headline Challenge, “Tell yourself you need to come up with 50 story ideas today, or else. Jot down anything and everything.”

I decided to accept Carol’s challenge. Here we go:

  1. Skip Twitter. These are the links you should read this week
  2. Something new happened on Facebook (again)
  3. The only 5 rules you need to know about social media marketing
  4. Why lists posts are the worst and you should still write them
  5. The 5 types of emails I’m likely to read
  6. Newsletters that get me excited and why
  7. Buying a TV online. My customer journey
  8. What to do when your target audience knows more than you.
  9. How your business should answer controversial questions
  10. Blogs I look forward to reading (and why)
  11. FAQ’s about Social Media Marketing
  12. The definitive guide to B2B marketing on Facebook
  13. If you walk away from my blog with one piece of wisdom let it be this
  14. The product launch checklist for social media managers
  15. The awareness campaign checklist for social media managers
  16. Why your company’s social media manager should be your new BFF
  17. Should all social media managers be bloggers?
  18. A Day in the life of a freelance social media manager
  19. 3 Startups someone needs to invent
  20. Hashtags that just don’t make sense (I’m looking at you #SeattlesFestival)
  21. The one social media metric you should check every day
  22. Creating video on a budget
  23. A social media marketer’s daily checklist
  24. Signs you’re doing social media all right
  25. Social media tactics that make me angry
  26. Signs you’re doing social media all wrong
  27. How to write one blog post every week no matter what
  28. Lessons in habit change from a freelancer
  29. 10 Pictures: My life as a social media marketer
  30. How I stay motivated when working from home
  31. Why I still love Twitter
  32. Why Tumblr is my favorite social media platform
  33. Facebook needs to change the way they ________
  34. What I tell people when they ask about LinkedIn
  35. The easiest way to get people talking on Facebook
  36. What I tell people when they say Twitter is too hard
  37. My favorite social media accounts (and why!)
  38. Why Reddit is my favorite source for news (and adorable pictures!)
  39. You’re making it too complicated! How to launch a product on Social Media
  40. Why you’re not really leaving Facebook
  41. The coolest social media campaign I’ve seen this year
  42. 30 ideas for your Black Friday campaign
  43. Why we fight against changes to our social media platforms
  44. 50 ideas for your next product launch
  45. My dream social media team
  46. 10 Blog ideas for small businesses
  47. Why I bite my tongue in job interviews
  48. How to come up with an original blog concept (by stealing!)
  49. 5 Writers I admire
  50. If your Facebook Page could talk

Now the question is….. Which ones would you like to see me write?

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