Infographic: Know The 5 Types of Awareness on the Buyer’s Journey

Depending on your customer’s stage of awareness, they will need different content and messaging.




Completely Unaware customers need content that informs and enlightens.

Is your customer Pain Aware?  Provide solutions to their pain, or even shine a light on the pain itself.

Problem Aware customers are seeing a solution.  Help them solve it with content that provides a solution.

Some have done their homework and have an answer in mind. Solution Aware folks are looking for a road map or the best way to implement a solution. They respond to high-level benefits.

Brand/Product Aware people want to know more about your product specifically. How is it different from other products? What is the biggest benefit to using your product? What can you offer? They love a good, “But wait, there’s more!”

(Hat Tip: & Joanna Weibe)

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