Twitter Growth Hack: Flock to Unlock

Flock to Unlock campaigns aren’t really new, but they are becoming an interesting way to sell inventory quickly while growing awareness for your brand’s Twitter account.

What is it?

Flock to Unlock is a contest or promotion that is exclusive to your brand’s Twitter audience. The point of the promotion is to have a certain number of retweets happen in order for exclusive deals, contests, and content to be unlocked.


What is it good for?

Twitter says that Flock to Unlock campaigns not only activate your fans, but will also help you find new fans. Plus, these campaigns help make room for new inventory quickly.


Who is doing this?

Right now e-tailers like AlternativePumaBonobos are having success with Flock to Unlock campaigns. Below are a few tweets from Bonobos’ Flock to Unlock campaign.

First they teased the sale and built up a little anticipation a few days in advance:

On the day of the sale, Bonobos promoted their tweets to help boost awareness.

After 49 tweets the sale went live.

You can read the entire campaign tweet by tweet on Twitter’s website. They claim this promotion had 1200% ROI and lead to 100 first time buyers for Bonobos.


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