Roundup: Marketing with Video

Social Brew is monthly curated post full of links you can check out while having your morning coffee. It contains the goods I find on social media, content marketing, writing, and other stuff that is interesting, relevant, newsworthy, helpful or just plain cool.


Across the board my clients have been noticing impressive organic reach when it comes to posting video to Facebook. In some cases, video posts have had 4-5 times the organic reach of their picture and link counterparts– amazing!

If you haven’t considered it already, I highly recommend you start creating more videos for your marketing efforts. In fact, email me if you’re interested in creating a video campaign for your organization.

Also, don’t forget you can now create and share video playlists on Facebook.

This Week’s Link Inspiration:

  • Speaking of cool new things, Buffer just came out with a new image creation tool called ‘Pablo’. Check it out. With Pablo and Canva in your back pocket, it is now easier than ever to make your posts look more interesting.
  • AdWeek reports that a JC Penney video campaign got startlingly good results on Twitter. Sean Ryan, director of social media at JCPenney, wrote, “the native placement was much more effective in cost per view … marketers now need to think across the board when it comes to promoting video.
  • It’s not video, but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t mention this really cool, curated showcase of Really Good Email designs from MailChimp. Lots of inspiration to be had!

Lastly, speaking of awesome video, have you seen This is Water?. If not, give it a watch!

– Shelli

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