A Mantra for Habit Building: Never Miss Twice

You’ve pinpointed what you want to do, set an achievable goal, and created a plan for success. The only thing you have left to do is follow through. 

Easy, right?

The truth is that plans look great on paper, but changing behavior and habits is hard work. In fact, everyone fails at least once on the road to building positive habits (and usually it’s a whole lot more). It takes practice, trial and error, and sheer stubborn determination.

The start-stop, peaks-pitfalls, and “failure” riddled world of habit building can be discouraging to even the most optimistic of souls. It’s quite easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re rolling in the muck of “ruined” plans. That’s why I love the mantra:

Never miss twice.

(Hat tip: James Clear)

Never miss twice takes pressure off of mistakes. It softens the impact of a hard day, takes power away from circumstances out of our control, and serves as a reminder that it’s ok to lose sight of our true desires from time to time. It also makes skipping a day motivational in that it’s a chance to stick to the “rule” of not missing again.

Remember, no path is a straight line. Your path probably looks more like a ball of tangled hair pulled out of the bathroom drain. Your job is to get back on your path as soon as you can….to never miss twice.

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