Learn Something New: Content Marketing Roundup

Social Brew is monthly curated post full of links you can check out while having your morning coffee. It contains the goods I find on social media, content marketing, writing, and other stuff that is interesting, relevant, newsworthy, helpful or just plain cool. This week the theme is “learn something new.”

I was inspired by The One You Feed podcast,  specifically this week’s episode featuring Tony Stubblebine, creator of Coach.me (formerly Lift). If you’re sincerely interested in behavior design, learning something new, or putting a new habit into place, I highly recommend you check out this week’s episode.

This Week’s Inspiration: 

Books to Read in 2015

Learn Something New This Week:

Lastly, while it’s ALWAYS a great idea to better yourself by learning something new, let this serve as a reminder: You are not an imposter.

– Shelli

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