Buy Experiences, Not Things

This Week’s Inspiration:

Last week, in casual conversation, I heard no less than three separate parents lament that their kids have TOO MUCH STUFF.


Their words echoed in my brain as I slowly went over my dwindling gift-giving options for their kids. I was reminded of the common-sense notion that we should buy experiences, not things (which was recently confirmed in newly published research). I was inspired to get the kids things they could DO versus things they could have.

As the holidays draw near, I hope you can do the same and simplify your life during the holidays. It feels great to plan and discover ways you can anticipate, gather stories, & and collect memories instead of spending money on stuff.

Last Week’s Link Love:
  • If you’re looking to enhance and grow your email marketing, but are tired of the same old pop-up suggestion lists, check out this post from Zapier with 10 Email Marketing tricks you’ve probably never tried.
  • Brands can tell rich and engaging stories. This Patagonia video is worth watching as a fascinating example of branding AND storytelling — it’s actually entertaining and very inspiring (especially for outdoorsy types)!
  • Upworthy has the goods when it comes to viral social media success and averages an incredible 60k+ shares per article (roughly 5x Buzzfeed’s rate). Heidi Cohen (don’t you just love her posts?) shares how you can recreate that success.
  • This post by Samuel King is packed full of information & how-to guides on Content Curation – it’s very comprehensive and an excellent primer to help get you started.
  • Is the future of Social Media Marketing pay to play? The signs point to YES

News You Might Have Missed (Because You Were Too Busy Doing Real Work):

Lastly, don’t let the holidays get you down. Make the season what you want it to be! If Joel, the Lump of Coal, can make it happy, so can you. 

– Shelli

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