I missed #PodcastDay, but these are the podcasts I adore

Somehow I managed to miss International Podcast Day on September 30th. This bums me out as I’m an avid consumer of podcasts. I love listening when I’m out walking my dog, cleaning the house, knitting, cooking dinner or even in the shower.

In fact, I’m so obsessed my podcast player is subdivided into podcast genres/groups to suit my mood. I listen to a wide range of subjects including: Health and Fitness, Politics & News, Life Stuff, Social Media & Digital Marketing, Story-casts, and more.

Because I’m so obsessed I’ve decided to share my top favorites. Here they are:

Social Media & Digital Marketing


Life Stuff

Politics, News & Info

Hobbies & Special Interests

…and I’m still looking

The best/worst thing about obsessions is they’re all consuming. I’m always looking for my next favorite “fix.” When it comes to podcasts I can’t get enough good stories and useful info. In fact, I have a podcast wish list. I’d really like to find more shows to listen to. I especially like story-based shows like This American Life and Serial. I’d also like to find:

  • High quality knitting podcasts
  • Stories about Seattle and life in the PNW
  • Creativity-casts that don’t venture too far into high art or craftiness/Martha Stewart-land
  • More health/fitness podcasts that focus on positive body image and health. Personally, I feel like it’s difficult to make this subject interesting. 😉
  • The practical/execution side of social media and digital advertising

Are you a fan of Podcasts? What are your favorites?

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