Fun Seattle Things: Viking Days

Thanks to a recent DNA test I learned that I’m 22% Scandanavian. I can’t help but think this is exceptionally cool because I’m a huge Vikings fan and history geek. So, when I heard about the Nordic Heritage Museum’s Viking Days how could I pass up the chance to check out some of my genetic history (and score some incredible food)?

One of my favorite exhibits was the Nordic Spirit, the newly-restored 200-year-old replica of a Viking ship. Prior to it’s restoration The Nordic Spirit had been sitting in storage. The museum and Pacific Fishermen Shipyard saved it!


There were lots of really cool things to look at. I was struck by the attention to detail.


These ladies were cooking something wrapped in bacon. It smelled insanely amazing.


Everyone can viking. 😉


I really want to learn how to weave! This is a table loom. This style isn’t seen/used very much any more.


Another favorite? This bored dog faithfully “protecting” his mom whilst she spun roving into yarn.


Historically Ballard is the traditional center of Seattle’s ethnically Scandinavian seafaring community, who were drawn here by the fishing industry and opportunities. In recent years population growth (and decline in the fishing industry) has decreased the proportion of Scandinavian residents here, but we are still very proud of our community’s Nordic history. I’m really glad I got the opportunity to support the Nordic Heritage Museum, which celebrates both the community of Ballard and local Scandinavian history.

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