You are not an imposter (a love letter to my fellow freelancers and social media professionals)

They are not going to “catch on to you.” Promise.


Here’s how I know:

  • If anyone could do your job, everyone would, cause it’s awesome.
  • Remote work is still work. In fact, you probably get more shit done than your “traditional” counterparts. Plus you save money on clothes (in theory), cut down on pollution caused by commuting (hopefully), and no one can see you in those yoga pants (promise).
  • There will always be someone who could do it faster or cheaper, but this is not a race to the bottom. Remember: Faster, cheaper, better. Pick two.
  • Your emails are a wealth of information. Mine that gold.
  • You know the answer (or you will).
  • Yes, there ARE that many eyes on your work. This should empower, not intimidate you.

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