Blogging: What’s my Niche? Do I care?

So, I’ve been reading ProBlogger‘s “Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income” and, although I’m definitely not into blogging for the money (well maybe a little), I’m becoming all sorts of inspired. There are MANY valuable take homes (even – or perhaps especially – for someone who has been blogging as long as I have).

(The beauty of blogging (possibly the ugly)? Image via Stars with My Coffee)

Right now I’m reading the section on Niche Blogging. I’ve been a blogger for some time and have worked in SEVERAL niches. When I first started it was poetry and literature, then it was family and my marriage, next it was teaching, then knitting, then more of just a “personal” blog, and now I’m venturing into recording my fitness/weight loss journey. I’ve also tried every single blogging platform out there (or so it feels like).

What to do with all these ideas, interests, and topics I love…? Pro Blogger’s suggestions have been really helpful. For now, I’m taking a pause. I’ll be blogging what I learn and planning my next big “move”. But, I’m not in a huge hurry because I’m happy with my little Epic Weight Loss Journey on Tumblr and this repository of all things Shelli, for now. My new niche will probably have something to do with losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle, but we shall see. Do you think people would be interested in a fat girl’s take on weight loss and exercise?

And… For that matter, are you a blogger or just plain inspired to start one? Have you thought about writing in a “niche” or just starting up something personal?

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