Blogcalicious Day 1: All sorts of inspired

What is my passion? What is my niche? What drives me to react, think, write, speak? What does my voice sound like? Who do I want to have conversations and connections with?

It’s only day one of my first ever professional bloggers conference and I am just immersed in a world of creativity, style, class and smarts. I’m loving every minute of it. My little work notebook is filled with inspiring quotes, statistics, information, and ideas from several of the awesome break out sessions.

The first session was one of my favorites. Author of The 85% Niche (I’m buying immediately), Miriam Muley explained three major ethnic groups (Asian, African, and Latina Americans) in terms of buying/shopping habits and the amount of influence women from these groups have over spending on products and services. She pinpointed key tactics and insights into how marketers can become relevant to the unique needs of Asian, African, and Latina American women. I was blown away and left wondering where I could get a copy of Muley’s PowerPoint presentation.

My favorite breakout so far was the only one I attended for sheer personal reasons. I went to “Chronicles of a Fit Diva” because as you all know, I am on my own personal Epic Weight Loss Journey at the moment and I wanted to hear more about other women’s experience and gain insight into how they shared their journeys through social media.

Christie Crowder, Lorraine Robertson, and Barbara ( I can’t find her blog, I promise I will look it up – she was amazingly clever and passionate!) started with the statement “When it comes to weight loss, we change all sorts of things, but we forget to change our minds,” and she absolutely won me over. Again, I walked away with a plethora of cute quotes, information, and blog post ideas.

Overall, Day one of Blogalicious was a huge success. Now… on to a cocktail reception and the Parranda Party!

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