Learn Something New: Content Marketing Roundup

Social Brew is monthly curated post full of links you can check out while having your morning coffee. It contains the goods I find on social media, content marketing, writing, and other stuff that is interesting, relevant, newsworthy, helpful or just plain cool. This week the theme is “learn something new.” I was inspired by The One You Feed podcast,  specifically this … Continue reading Learn Something New: Content Marketing Roundup

Buy Experiences, Not Things

This Week’s Inspiration: Last week, in casual conversation, I heard no less than three separate parents lament that their kids have TOO MUCH STUFF. “WAY. TOO. MUCH…!” Their words echoed in my brain as I slowly went over my dwindling gift-giving options for their kids. I was reminded of the common-sense notion that we should buy experiences, not things (which was recently confirmed … Continue reading Buy Experiences, Not Things