10 social media post ideas that tell a good story

Are you looking for post inspiration to get your brand out of a social media slump? Look no further, I’ve come up with 10 fun, and (hopefully) inspiring story-based post ideas for you to riff off.

Throwback Thursday: #MariachiMyTweet The Best Twitter Video Campaign Ever?

Almost a year ago today, The Book of Life movie put together an amazing twitter campaign. In short, they made people's tweets into music.....

Headline Challenge: 50 Blog Post Headlines

Carol Tice from Copyblogger wrote this great post 50 Can’t-Fail Techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics and in it she suggests taking the Headline Challenge, "Tell yourself you need to come up with 50 story ideas today, or else. Jot down anything and everything." I decided to accept Carol's challenge. Here we go: Skip Twitter. These are the … Continue reading Headline Challenge: 50 Blog Post Headlines

Fun Seattle Things: Viking Days

Thanks to a recent DNA test I learned that I'm 22% Scandanavian. I can't help but think this is exceptionally cool because I'm a huge Vikings fan and history geek. So, when I heard about the Nordic Heritage Museum's Viking Days how could I pass up the chance to check out some of my genetic history (and … Continue reading Fun Seattle Things: Viking Days