Since 2008, I have done some amazing work researching, planning, and building online communities for lifestyle and entertainment brands. I’ve grown several communities from 0 to well over 100k friends, fans and followers. I’m especially proud of managing a Facebook and Tumblr community for a movie franchise with over 3 Million fans (and an astonishing 70% engagement rate on Facebook).

I’ve established a stellar list of skills and accomplishments:1538731_10204599756257942_2068989817837696341_n

  • Community Management. I write extraordinarily creative posts, questions, etc. that get people talking, but still fall within brand voice, objectives and strategy.

  • Strategy. Tactics aren’t strategy. I ask about target audience, objectives, measurement and understand that “having Facebook” is not strategy.
  • I am a strong contributor to brand, messaging and overall social media strategy.
  • I am an experienced teacher and therefore a wonderful trainer.
  • I’m also creative, geeky, organized, and always a good pick me up at that Monday morning meeting when no one feels like being at work.

Plus, I have lots of experience and I come with great references.

Feel free to check out some of the work I’ve done and say hi on Twitter.